About Us


The mission of Steel Specialty, Inc., is to provide our customers with a product and service unequaled in the steel industry. We will accomplish this by maintaining our CORE VALUES in all aspects of our relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers. These attributes are what make SSI truly  "A Quality Steel Fabricator".




 SERVICE -   We pride ourselves on delivering an unrivaled service from the beginning of the project until its completition. Whether we are pricing, fabricating or managing we recongize that  it will be our service that ultimately defines us.

QUALITY -  From the service we provide to the product we produce, quality is the hallmark of our company.

INTERGRITY -   We are ethical, honest, reliable and accountable. We will exhibit integrity when dealing with our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

TEAM -   We believe in the "team concept". Each individual employee is an essential part of the team and no one individual is greater that the whole. By understanding the team concept and working with a common purpose we will achieve greater things.

STEWARDSHIP -   We believe every thing we have is a gift. We will be good stewards of our time, money, resources and relationships. We will use wisely the things we have been blessed with.


 Steel Specialty, Inc (SSI) was founded specifically as a Miscellaneous Steel fabricator in 1973. We began producing Structural Steel shortly thereafter. In 1997, we became a member of AISC and we are currently an AISC certified steel fabricator.

We have two (2) separate production facilities for both structural steel and miscellaneous steel. In our miscellaneous shop, we produce high quality stairs, handrails, ladders, ornamental gates, and supply stainless steel handrail and cable handrail.

We are one of the Area’s leading Fabricators of both Structural AND Miscellaneous steel!

Our People are our strength. SSI builds lasting relationships with our Customers, Owner’s Engineer’s, Architect’s and General Contractors. We accomplish this with “open door communication”, being price competitive, while producing quality structural and miscellaneous steel products.

SSI fabricates many Public/Private school projects, Commercial, Manufacturing, Medical, Industrial, Retail, Office, Churches and Retirement projects.

Steel Specialty, Inc. predominantly serves the Metropolitan Charlotte, North Carolina Area while delivering steel from Washington, D.C. to Florida as well as overseas.

Bonding Capacities of $5,000,000 (Single) and $30,000,000 (Aggregate).